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  Many people don't know how to distinguish the quality of two-component gluing machine. Now, Jinan Changsheng machinery will introduce the quality of hollow glass gluing machine from what aspects,
  第一 中空玻璃打胶机的配置方面
  Configuration of the first insulating glass dispenser
  第二 中空玻璃打胶机配件问题
  On the accessories of the second insulating glass dispenser
  第三 售后的问题
  Third, after sales
  What kind of hollow glass dispenser is a high-quality product, and how to judge the quality of a hollow glass dispenser? I think this problem must be perplexing the friends who are going to buy the hollow glass dispenser, especially the new friends who are just entering the industry. Today, I will tell you how to judge whether a hollow glass gluing machine is of high quality and durable equipment, and what should we pay attention to when we purchase it.
  When we judge whether a hollow glass dispenser is a good product, we should judge from the following aspects: first, the scale of the manufacturer, especially the number of R & D personnel. The second is from the design of the equipment, whether more for the user to consider whether humanization. Then is whether the parts of the equipment are customized for large manufacturers. Finally, we are considering the maintenance of the equipment and the convenience of maintenance.
  Hollow glass gluing machine
黄大仙精选资料二四六   The following author from the above mentioned aspects to start with you in-depth introduction of our judgment of the specific methods of hollow glass gluing machine.

  I. enterprise scale
  Many friends must wonder why the enterprise scale should be considered when judging the quality of hollow glass gluing machine? In fact, it is necessary. Because if the enterprise scale is large, it means that the R & D personnel can be guaranteed, and the products can be guaranteed in terms of upgrading and modification or in terms of repair and modification after problems occur. In addition, the enterprises with scale have good technical precipitation, and the equipment will undergo several upgrading and transformation to strive for the perfection of the equipment. Here, the author recommends an enterprise, which is specialized in the research and production of hollow glass gluing machine, and is also the research and development founder of horizontal hollow glass gluing machine. At present, the products of the same kind of domestic products are imitated by this enterprise. This enterprise is Tangshan Chenglin numerical control mechanical equipment factory. You can focus on this enterprise.
  Hollow glass glue feeder
  II. Equipment design
  In fact, many new friends will ignore this part, which leads us to find all kinds of unaccustomed and different hands when we buy the equipment. This is the lack of design in the R & D stage. This design defect to the novel, we usually production operation will be all kinds of inconvenient, big to say that the increased manufacturers to equipment transformation or upgrading, so that the enterprise will be very difficult to upgrade the equipment, such equipment will always maintain the state of development just now, it is difficult to guarantee the advanced and stability of the equipment. Two. In addition, the products with good design, no matter the routing of the internal electronic circuit, or the reasonable arrangement of each cylinder, increase the heat dissipation of the equipment, and all kinds of components are damaged or even cause fire due to high temperature. So it is necessary for us to check whether the design of the equipment is reasonable.
  III. components of hollow glass gluing machine
  A hollow glass dispenser is composed of thousands of parts, among which the most important parts are cylinder, various servo motors, solenoid valves, PLC control system, glue nozzle and glue mixing rod. Among them, the material of the glue nozzle should be made of that special metal material, because the glue nozzle directly contacts with the edge of the glass for a long time. Although the strength of the contact will not be very large, the long-term contact will also cause damage to the glue nozzle. If the quality is poor, the author thinks that the glue nozzle will be completely discarded in about one year. Servo motor is one of the power output units of various actions. If the servo motor is produced by some small enterprises, it is difficult to guarantee its product quality. Generally, our equipment must run for at least 8 hours, especially in summer, if the quality is poor, it is easy to cause the servo motor to burn down. Solenoid valve and PLC and so on the author is not here to repeat one by one, in a word, we should understand these when buying. If the enterprise uses some unknown manufacturers, then we can be sure that the quality of this equipment is difficult to meet the requirements.
  IV. maintenance and repair of insulating glass dispenser equipment
黄大仙精选资料二四六   The above is the introduction of the difference between the quality of Jinan Changsheng mechanical hollow glass gluing machine. I hope it can help you. For more information, please click http://emikasarl.com